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Terra 'eViento


Once again Palazzo Filangieri is located at the crossroads between music and local culture in the territory. Infact,  singer-songwriter Sally Cangiano not only dedicated his song to the land of Matese, but also realized it in collaboration with companions on a completely local "journey", at km 0. Associazione Gaetano Filangieri was pleased to be part of the project, to host the variegated troupe of artists and see poetry emerge once again from the communion of intent.


Fried air trattoria in Gong's Bath

Event curated by Byblos in collaboration with Gaetano Filangieri Association, it saw  actor PierGiuseppe Francione telling  us about  dishes from a poetic-philosophical menu: from the aperitif on our roots, to the intense bitterness of the digestive liquor, to the sweet enthusiasm for life. Giuseppe Ferrara, with wonderful instrumentation capable of any vibration, raised the audience sitting on the carpets and led them to savour the ingredients in the most subtle  possible sense. The powerful and mellow sound of the Gongs has transformed this evening into a profound experience rich in spiritual nutrients.


A surreal video clip tells of nostalgia and lightheartedness.

Another piece in the series of music videoclip  made by duo Motoretta and the Princess of the Airport, dedicated to the experience of restriction and changes over the past few months. to fill. "Hasta la Vista Fiesta" can be found on Youtube. The videoclip was shot in the ambients of Palazzo Filangieri.

Have fun and good luck to this crazy and original visual-musical project.

Our gardens become the jungle of Eden

The eccentric musical duo Motoretta and the princess of the Airport made their latest video clip taking inspiration and using the open spaces of the Palazzo Filangieri as an original version of the Garden of Eden. The song says of life in the big city as a struggle for survival, and the battle between female and male, shown as pacified in a happy ending that makes us laugh and make us dream.

A fun short film for Christmas 2019

Part of the rooms in Palazzo Filangieri became the protagonists of the short film shot by Jonathan Gottesmann on the occasion of the Christmas holidays in San Potito Sannitico, which saw two events filling the village with entertainment, passion for good and beautiful things, joy and magic: Excellence Expo Fiera and the traditional Mercatino di Natale organised by local association for Tourism.

Gottesmann shot part of this short surreal little tale in Palazzo Filangieri.

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