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The Gaetano Filangieri Association pursues the promotion, in all social classes, of the "culture of happiness", intended as the evolutionary path for the human beings towards an interaction between mind, body, spirit. In fact, it is believed that only from the balance of these 3 aspects can a healthy social fabric be founded and ideally aimed at realities free from wars, oppression, suffering and in harmony with the creative principle with which we were generated.

Pursuing "Happiness" allows us to feel in good health and in a state of "well-being": on the one hand we are able to remove circumstances that make us sick, on the other we stimulate self-healing mechanisms. In order to make members of the Association and all those who recognise themselves in these principles to reach a state of "Happiness", the Association will promote  conferences, debates, concerts, courses, competitions,  as well as specific actions aimed at wellness. It will support and spread various disciplines and arts important for  health and physical, mental and spiritual well-being: "bioenergetic" techniques such as acupuncture, yoga, Ayurveda, osteopathy, herbal medicine, shiatsu, Qi-gong, reiki, essene therapies or alternative therapies such as traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, with studies and seminars on the importance of water. Many international scientists ( R. Penrose to mention one) believe in the link between quantum physics and human consciousness to be plausible and founded, thus extrapolating the concept revolving around the power of thought as a builder and a agent in modifying reality. Human mind would have profound abilities to influence the world around us. Matter, in fact, from the perpective of  principles of quantum physics, represents a particular energetic form, analogous to thermal, electric, mechanical energy . This means that if our thinking is aligned to the feelings of  love, peace, harmony, the more we can  influence our reality with these characteristics. Our every thought of anger, hatred, resentment creates disharmony in the surrounding environment. As Albert Einstein said: "Everything is energy, everything that exists. Tune in to the frequency of the reality you desire and you can't help but get that reality. There is no other way! This is not philosophy, this is physics!"

That's why the Association will focus in particular on the study of subtle energies, related to quantum physics, organizing a series of conferences and  group-studies, important for making man undertake an internal awareness process beneficial to his mental emotional and physical well-being.

Thanks to this way  the so-called "Happiness" can be achieved. In ancient civilizations, men understood that we live in a sea of ​​energy. They looked at stars and planets as conscious beings communicating with each other. And they believed that trees served as antennas so that subtle energies and information found in nature could flow from Earth to stars and planets and, vice versa, from celestial bodies down to Earth. In their teachings every entity has consciousness and channels energy according to its possibilities, to facilitate the essential cosmic dialogue. In fact, they understood that all matter, including physical bodies, is a collector of this universal energy.

Therefor  Gaetano Filangieri Association will promote studies and researches on the great physicist Nicola Tesla, whose inventions are the basis of our modern use of electricity and the most established technologies, such as alternating current, radio, x-rays, radar, remote control and who discovered that Earth receives, stores and transmits energy.  In particular, the Association will focus on  physics researches dedicated to Tesla's project to spread an inexhaustible and free source of energy from the Universe. Tesla intercepted waves of extremely low Elf frequencies of electromagnetic energies, which were naturally transmitted between the surface of the earth and the Ionosphere, 80 km above Earth. He discovered that these ELF waves, those that vibrate at 8 cycles per second (8hz), flowed more regularly between the earth and the Ionosphere, with less resistance and greater amplitude. Tesla believed that it was possible to use this innate frequency of around 8 hz as a carrier wave", in order to transmit information and energy, wirelessly, all over the world. He was also very interested in preserving the natural resources of the earth for future generations. He spoke vehemently about the need to stop using oil as an energy source. His goal was to harness "the very gear of nature" by drawing on that natural accumulator that exists between the earth and the ionosphere. Unfortunately, he was unable to receive enough sponsorships to complete these projects. However, his ideas of wireless energy transmission led to the invention of AM and FM radio.

The Association still aims to research and promote new forms of communication, between members of humanity on this planet and foreign entities, through known technologies or those which are not yet available. An example of communication channel will be precisely that of subtle energies, produced by every field of dense energy (electricity, magnetism, light, heat, gravity, etc.) and also by every living being. Since they are not yet officially classified by science and not easily measurable, they exist, as well as mental and astral energy, for which research has recently started, across the international scientific environment, looking for evidence of "dark matter".

The fact that the courtyard of Filangieri's Palace  has an octagonal centric symmetry in the pavement is not accidental: the octagon is a significant geometric shape and a symbol throughout all human history. The builders of octagonal buildings were mainly kings and emperors of particular stature, such as Frederick II, who built  Castel del Monte in Puglia. The "Tower of the winds", also called Horologion in Athens, is the oldest known octagonal building, it was built in 300 BC. and had the function of "measuring time". The Greek philosopher Pythagoras believed that the property of the "number eight" of the octagon was to "embrace harmonies" and linked it to security, constancy and all that was in balance in the universe. Moreover, vibrations that are felt when stepping on the octagon (located in the center of the atrium of the Palace), derive from a river of static current of energy, emerging from underground water, in the form quantum memory.

Since ancient times, the existence of a geo-biological grids has been known, which can be used to balance our health and the environment around us. Our body instinctively feels the positive places, where we feel happy, as stated by the Canadian professor Persinger, in his over ten years of studies on geophysics applied to the neuropsychology of the modified states of consciousness. For example, many of the historical places where miraculous healings or oracular divinations occur, are overlying underground streams with very strong energy. Indeed in many cathedrals or temples these streams are specially diverted in order to pass under the altar and create particular frequencies. 

Think of Lourdes, or Chartres, or the spring  of Fatima. In this regard, a study on the geographical orientation of the lines starting from the center of the courtyard of Palazzo Filangieri (headquarters of the Association) will be carried, as well as  the measurable potential  of the stream of underground waters, in order to assess the intensity of the energy portal of the place. The Association also promotes meetings and debates between researchers and technicians in the most disparate fields of science, in order to overcome the barriers currently existing between the "official" and "alternative" realities, so as to unify the knowledge ascertained and those in the process of becoming such .

A wise society manages to mediate diversity, contributes to reality by continually adapting to new concepts and experiences, without conflicts of interest. The ability to often review the founding principles of a society corresponds to the vitality and enthusiasm that a child can always present in building new neural learning networks, a neuro-flexibility that leads to a bright future and a healthy life.

Moreover, the Association  pursues the development and promotion of the Arts,  the excellences of the historical, cultural, environmental and productive heritage of Campania's and Italian territories. Therefore, it aims to enhance and safeguard the historical, artistic, and museum heritage with particular and specific reference to the Matese-Alto Casertano territory and the municipality of San Potito Sannitico, but at the same time promoting  any activity having an artistic, cultural, creative and scientific character in Italy and abroad. The Association therefore intends to develop the following activities when aim to stimulate and manifest creative talents, especially among young people through:

  • Artistic, artisan workshops aimed at enhancing local craftsmanship and traditions and inherent to ancient crafts; musical, theatrical and cinematographic workshops;

  • Cultural events  especially in the form of "literary and musical happenings";

  • Design and implementation of historical, cultural and local products itineraries, including educational programs for children and young people aimed at understanding the historical, cultural and environmental heritage of the Upper Casertano territory;

  • Through volunteer-based initiatives,  shared by all social classes, the Association will organize recreational activities and workshops, for the support and protection of socially disadvantaged subjects (disabled, elderly, minors, victims of abuse and exploitation).


The awareness of being part of Nature is another of the messages that the Association intends to spread in all areas of its activities: the union between all human organisms, animals, plants, territories, connected by an invisible network of information, which it is the basis of the same existence, together with mutual respect and free will. In the energy sector, fundamental for any human activity that does not harm Nature, as is happening now with fossil sources, research and presentations will be proposed to enhance projects on energy from renewable sources.

The promotion of bio-diversity is of fundamental interest for the Association, as it is the basis for respecting the environment: "ecological"/organic agriculture, (also based on the principles of biodynamic agriculture of the anthroposophy Rudolf Steiner) rather than crops contaminated by harmful agrochemicals normally required by intensive exploitation.

Promotion of sustainable architecture projects and everything related to environmental sustainability will therefore be one of the primary objectives of the Association. Among the actions addressed to the care of the environment: researches and initiatives for the protection of environmental assets so as to contribute to the rehabilitation, protection and enhancement of all green-forest heritage.

The Matese mountains, in addition to providing drinking water to the main cities of the Campania region, being used for hydroelectric purposes and the mineral water industry,  can combine local agriculture, rural and naturalistic tourism, for which the community can formulate projects for the protection of a still uncontaminated environment. A natural aerea where eagles and wolves still dare, and where currently a large dense and generous beech wood is the pivot of the wood economy, which already has international environmental sustainability certifications.

Therefor among the objectives of the Association there is also the one  of creating synergies between associations, bodies, people who have the same intent to create happiness, joy, peace, beauty and harmony. In fact, from the synergy of love, wonderful projects can be created very easily, even the most daring ones. And give voice especially to those who do not have it at the moment, that is, they need operational freedom, which the binding guidelines imposed today by companies with strong conflicts of interest in the economic - industrial world do not allow!

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